Dating a less intelligent man

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Everyone has both good and bad qualities that make them more or less attractive to their partners. Focus on what you love about your partner and learn how to compromise for a happier, healthier relationship. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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Evaluate the many reasons you and your partner are in a relationship. Value trust over intelligence. Trust is one of the many characteristics that make for happy, healthy relationships, and breach of trust is one of the most common reasons for breakups. Rather than focusing on the intellectual content of conversations with your partner, consider whether your partner communicates with you openly and honestly. The odds of finding a partner who shares your exact level of intelligence are slim.

Finding a partner who understands the way you communicate and can effectively reciprocate this communication is much more likely.


Remember intelligence based on educational background is just one of many types of intellect. Think through the following set of emotional intelligence compatibility questions.

Recognize that your partner cannot provide everything you need. One mistake couples make is assuming their significant other has to be their confidant, business partner, and whole world. This expectation is unrealistic.

'I wouldn’t trade her love for anything.'

Every relationship we have with romantic partners, family members, and friends gives us something different. Maintain your own self-worth.

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Remember your value and that of your partner are in no way interdependent. Being in love may not literally be like wearing rose tinted glasses, but psychological research suggests it can be beneficial to put your metaphorical rose tinted glasses back on and idealize your relationship and what attracted you to your partner in the first place.

Couples who focus on the positive parts of their relationships and characteristics of their partners are happier and less likely to be divorced. Even if your partner is less intelligent than you are, finding someone who respects and encourages you will lead to more happiness than selecting a partner who is equally intelligent.

Research shows that differing levels of intelligence between partners has little impact on their long term happiness, especially compared with factors like trust and respect. She enjoys those, too, but it feels more like a teacher-student relationship than a romantic one. I love her but it can be frustrating. References to Forrest Gump, Top Gun, etc went completely over her head. Even references to shows like Archer, that she watched all of, she just completely misses cause she does homework and texts while watching. It makes arguing things sort of difficult.


How to Accept the Fact Your Partner Is Not Intelligent: 10 Steps

You tend to hear her opinion on something and know she has little to no experience in anything else, and that her logic is often deeply flawed. She is also incredibly honest, which I find admirable and she is a sweetie pants. But we each have our strengths. He is passionate and very emotional and I am typically factual and technical, so it works out pretty well. She had a hard time reading out loud and was in mostly remedial courses in high school.

Smart women finding it tough on the dating scene may need to raise their game

I was well-spoken and a now a published writer, she more or less spells everything phonetically. She was amazing when it came to these crazy cool art projects that took months or even years to finish. I think it was meditative for her to work alone on really detailed stuff that connected to a bigger project.