How to act when dating a rich man

Keep to the center A little-known trait of confident people is that they tend to gravitate to the center of a gathering or a crowd. It also appears that confident people enter buildings through the centermost doors and walk centrally in hallways and on side-walks whereas less confident people tend to enter buildings through the doors closest to the walls and likewise walk closer to walls in hallways and on sidewalks.

Avoid artificial aids Many people mistakenly believe that smoking calms the nerves when in fact cigarette smoke can act as a stimulant. So if you smoke before you are meeting a date, you might start displaying signs like flushed face, increased blood pressure, dry mouth and constricted pupils which are all associated with heightened nervousness. In fact you should avoid alcohol too, despite its reputation for relaxing the nerves and loosening inhibitions.

This is because too many pegs can lead you to lose focus so that instead of remembering to appear confident, you will begin to display behavior that is out-of-control. Build a positive attitude Finally your best bet in appearing confident while dating a rich man is to program your mind for positive thinking.

Confidence is quite difficult to fake since there are hundred small things that can give you away. But once you start building up confidence from within, it is bound to evident on the outside. Start by giving yourself a pep-talk as you leave to meet your date or someone important. Of course it will help hugely if you are actually neatly turned out. Once your subconscious self absorbs these positive feelings, they are bound to be manifest in your outward behavior. And once you genuinely feel good about yourself, you are sure to appear confident to others.

In fact you should practice looking happy even though you may not always feel so thrilled from within. Happiness attracts - the world is so hungry and starved for happiness that if you have it, people want to be near you, to let you shine on them. So go out with a smile on your face and have an energetic walk. They want to be able to stay home and have a home cooked meal. They want their wives to be able to cook for friends and business associates. They want traditional holiday meals with all the trimmings.

Ordering in or going out to dinner gets tiring after a while and a man wants to be able to enjoy his own home. Do you like people? Are you able to get along with different kinds of people? Can you walk into a room full of strangers and find something of interest to talk about? If you can not do these things, learn. Getting along with people is an important trait if you are planning on dating rich men.

Because so much of what they do involves people. Most men do not become successful on their own. They have a huge support system of friends, business associates, employees, and family members that are a major part of their lives. If you are friendly and easily get a long with a variety of people, he will be drawn to you. Learn how the major games of basketball, football and baseball are played and who the important players are. When the conversation turns to sports, be able to contribute to the topic at hand instead of sitting on the sidelines.

A sense of humor. Every man says he wants a woman with a sense of humor, but what exactly does that mean? I was only being funny. Successful men usually put themselves first, their business second and their women third. You will also need to tolerate phone calls that interrupt your romantic times, your vacations, your dinners and your sex life. Wealthy men usually have several things going on in their lives at one time. If you can not tolerate his obnoxious business associate who hustles you, his neighbor who calls you a gold digger, his ex wife who snubs you or his dog who slobbers all over you, then you are not the kind of person who should consider dating wealthy men.

Be it charity events, business dinners, or relaxing with friends, you will be expected to socialize with people of different ages and backgrounds than you. Some good ones are: No matter what he does for you, be grateful. The smallest gesture should be noticed and appreciated. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is expecting a lot, but appreciating little.

A willingness to try new things A healthy attitude for life is necessary when dating rich men. You must be willing to try new foods, go to new countries, meet people of different cultures and learn other languages. A love of learning is necessary to keep your mind fresh and him interested. If that sounds like a lot, understand that wealthy men can have almost any woman they want.

If he wants you to learn to sail or sky dive, you should be ready and willing. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd. You want your rich bachelor to not only notice you and ask you out, but you want him to be interested enough to keep you around for a long time. RSS feed for comments on this post. Comment by nelly — August 27, Or three, you can assume he dumped you.

Men want to be the hunters, not the hunted. You will know soon enough which of the above scenarios is true. By hounding him, you may only set your demise on track sooner. Comment by Chris — December 11, They want to be free and all just have a FUN!!! Very hard today to have a family with man like that. I have a daughter who is 32 beautiful, makes good money and cant no one who want to have a family. Bunch of users and liers.

Comment by roza — September 29, I found in past experience women just want attention and want to withhold sex. So I am on the other side of the fence. Comment by nelly — August 28, I am not in the business of making introductions to men. All you have to be is a quality female and some man will want you.

Watch out for the man who is just interested in sex. Offer more than a good body and you will find a man. Do not offer sex too freely. He will leave you after he gets what he wants. Too many women make the mistake of seeing dollar signs and hoping sex will bring it to them. Alot of men will leave women for no sex at all. Comment by Nigel — October 28, Comment by Alympia Moore — August 9, No man wants a woman that writes like a five year old.

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Texting makes women look stupid. Comment by SheepODoom sheepodoom — April 5, We should be that. We should gather as many men around us as possible so he understands that he needs to be the hunter and hunt me down to get me. The more a man has to try the more he wants you till he gets you…then he thinks the game is over. Always be the one he has to hunt down…but play it right or it will tip the scale too much and you become TOO high maintianence.

Thing is…like in nature…its all ritual and dance, not sure why we want our romance to be so story book. Seperate having and keeping your man from what you do with your man when you are together. Romance is not a feeling its action. Love is not even a feeling…its action. Feelings are secondary…hearts are deceitful…even our own.

Dance the dance…and try to enjoy it for what it is. Comment by paje — May 8, This is not always true. Nice guys want to feel needed and when they have to chase after a women, they feel worthless. Most of the guys you really want actually deep inside feel that you have been privledged. Yes totally agree the men have to chase you, not you! Men want a good quality woman for marriage and not a whore.

My aunties they always said to always be good in the eyes of you husband. He will respect you and spoil you because he knows you love him and trusts you. Comment by marge — May 24, As a man, I believe you are a very elegant and educated woman! You deserve a rich man, actually, for a woman like you, rich men will line up! Comment by John — February 24, Comment by bigD — March 5, And we know when women are faking fun. If he knows that every time he is with you he will be having more fun than when he is not, he will try to be around you as much as possible.

Even if he is more money minded, he will still race home or to the airport to get to you as soon as possible. Especially if you get along with his friends too. We just want to have a blast with whoever enjoys our company. If you surround yourself with men a lot of times he will automatically write you off as being easy. Comment by Justin — April 18, Comment by Mel — June 3, Comment by Dev — June 29, I was recommended this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. Comment by Link — August 5, Some times lookn for economic security may lead to true lv.

Comment by Wushlyn — December 13, Com — December 14, Comment by alison — December 25, Stay away from married men. It is a dead end street. If he can have you and stay married, why would he leave his wife? He is not a savings and loan. If you ask, he will be resentful.

If he offers, it is a gift. You are the one who will lose that game. Comment by Miss Suzanne — January 11, How to score a weekend in Aspen without losing your ass: Comment by Adrienne — January 10, I continuously needed to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a portion of your post to my blog? Comment by Click Here — January 17, Comment by Miss Suzanne — January 18, Comment by prerna — February 10, What does he want from you?

He is not interested. Men who are interested send you texts, not the other way around. You cannot force someone to like you. You cannot stir up interest by always being in his face. Do you like being abused? Does it feel good?


Every day is another stab to your heart. You will get over it. Comment by Miss Suzanne — February 12, He usually dont start the conversation, and am seeking his attention, each and every moment i wait for his msg, but neva reply. Is it his attitude or he dont like me?

Show Him You Are Special

What should i do for attention. M almost lost my interest in everything, and also bein rude 2 every1. Comment by Saloni — February 10, If you are seeking his attention that means you are chasing him. He knows he could have you anytime, therefore you are already caught. There are so many men in the world. How many have you met?

And next time, let the man chase you. Comment by Myotherself — February 12, I also put this question on Yahoo but everybody started rude on me. They only marry a rich woman. How do i find a rich man fro me to marry? Comment by Meghna — February 15, Comment by HowVeryTrue — February 17, Comment by SeriousSteve — February 18, Comment by Meghna — February 18, Hello, I read the comments and am still puzzling about men. I want a rich man because I am financially established and want my equal. I seem to have all the qualities you described, but do not run into quality men that often. If I do, they are married and want an affair.

I just turn 50 and am about to give up. I saw a survey on major television that single men over 40 are less qualified than older women. Women are single because they are picky. Older men are single because no one wants them. The good ones are already taken.

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What should I do? If you are at all confused about what a feminine woman is you should stop watching reality television shows and in your spare time watch TCM. There you will see movies from the s, 40s, and 50s, these are the women who appeal to men. If you watch I Love Lucy on youtube you may be shocked to see Lucille Ball dressed in her full skirt and heels get together win her women's club with all of her friends wearing white gloves and hats, speaking with impeccable grammar and the comments coming from young men stating, " I sure wish women had this much class these days.

A woman who talks like a trucker and dresses in sweats will likely find herself being treated like a worthless slob. Just look at the way the s women in the movies carry themselves and then look at your friends. Ask yourself if you think she is intriguing, or if she is someone you would be proud of next time you look at a group of women. Rule number 1 is, look and act like a lady. Don't call your guy to have a long conversation.

Your alpha male must believe that he is slowly winning you with his charm and by how interesting he is. Let him be the fist to call and you should be the first one to end the conversation. I can't tell you how many times I have seen women ruin their chances with a rich man by hounding him with texts and phone calls. If you are pursuing him he will automatically put you in the category of a desperate woman. Be busy doing your own thing; this will give your man competition and at the same time he will see that you are not a clinging vine who needs him for entertainment and can actually do just fine without him.

Many women want to be taken care of, and that's fine, as long as you don't tell your guy that straight from the beginning. If you are just sitting there like a heap waiting for someone to take care of you then I can guarantee that no one will ever take care of you. If you are so dedicated to a hobby or to having an education you will appear to all around you as a levelheaded person with interests. People always like to talk to those who have passion for life. Rule number 2 is have something that keeps you busy. Do not have sex with your man.

I know that all you feminists are ready to argue on this but let me tell you that my conclusion here has developed from decades of research. It is not anti-female to say that sex should be withheld.

Think of it this way, what has become of women since the "free sex" movement in the s? The answer to that is, absolutely not! There may be more female doctors and more female judges but what has happened to the average woman?

Win a Rich Man by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

There are more women living in poverty as single mothers than ever before and the circumstances for the average female has progressively become worse. The reason is that women are no longer taught to refrain from having sex with men, and therefore they have no reservations about jumping in the sack right away. I can't tell you how many young women I talk to who have been dating a guy for five years or more and they are heartbroken because their live-in love will not marry them.

Some of these women have a child or two with their guy and he still won't marry her.

The Art of Being the Upscale Girl

The number of these desperate young women is climbing with each decade. In the 90s there were a fair number and now they are the majority. Had these women told their guy that they will not move in with them, and that they would not be intimate with him until marriage they would not be experiencing the heartache they have today.

Women who refrain from sex before marriage find themselves married rather quickly, and before we go into the belief that living together is the same thing as marriage I will tell you this, marriage is a commitment, and living together is not. The reason he is not marrying you is because he knows that he can leave you at any time and say, "but we were never married. If for some reason you think that holding out before marriage is too extreme, then at least hold out for five months. Holding out will put you on a much higher level than giving in within the first month. When you place a high value on your body and the affections that you give, your man will also.