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The canal was crossed further north and Bermericourt was captured against a determined German defence. From Bermericourt to the Aisne the French attack was repulsed and south of the river French infantry were forced back to their start-line. On the north bank of the Aisne the French attack was more successful, the 42nd and 69th divisions reached the German second position between the Aisne and the Miette, the advance north of Berry penetrating 4. The XX Corps attack from Vendresse to the Oise—Aisne Canal had more success, the rd Division on the right flank reached the Chemin des Dames south of Courtecon after a second attack, managing an advance of 2.

To the east of Vauxaillon at the north end of the Sixth Army, Mont des Singes was captured with the help of British heavy artillery but then lost to a German counter-attack. The Sixth Army operations took c. On the second day Nivelle ordered the Fifth Army to attack north-eastwards to reinforce success, believing that the Germans intended to hold the ground in front of the Sixth Army.

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The German retirement was carried out urgently and many guns were left behind, along with "vast" stocks of munitions. The French infantry reached the new German positions with an advance of 6. Nivelle ordered the Tenth Army forward between the Fifth and Sixth armies on 21 April and local operations were continued on the fronts of the Fourth and Fifth armies with little success. On 4—5 May Brimont was to be captured, which would have been of great tactical value to the French; the attack was postponed on the orders of the French government and was then cancelled.

By the end of 5 May the Sixth Army had reached the outskirts of Allemant and taken c. The "Monts" were held against a German counter-attack on 19 April by the 5th, 6th Eingreif divisions and the 23rd division and one regiment between Nauroy and Moronvilliers. To the north-east of the hill the advance reached a depth of 2. The Fourth Army attacks took 3, prisoners and 27 guns.

In , Uffindell wrote that retrospective naming and dating of events can affect the way in which the past is understood. The Second Battle of the Aisne began on 16 April but the duration and extent of the battle have been interpreted differently. The ending of the battle is usually given as mid-May but Uffindell called this politically convenient, since it excluded the Battle of La Malmaison, in October, making it easier to blame Nivelle.

Uffindel wrote that the exclusion of La Malmaison was artificial, since the attack was begun from the ground taken from April to May. By 25 April most of the fighting had ended. On 3 May the French 2nd Division refused to follow orders to attack and this mutiny soon spread throughout the army.

Towards the end of the offensive, the 2nd Division arrived on the battlefield drunk and without weapons.

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Two days later a battalion of the th Division staged a demonstration and on 20 May, the th Regiment of the 3rd Division and the 66th Regiment of the 18th Division refused orders; individual incidents of insubordination occurred in the 17th Division. Over the next two days spokesmen were elected in two regiments of the 69th Division to petition for an end of the offensive. By the end of May more units of the 5th, 6th, 13th, 35th, 43rd, 62nd, 77th and th divisions mutinied, revolts occurred in 21 divisions in May.

The army, politicians and public were stunned by the chain of events and on 16 May, Nivelle was sacked and moved to North Africa. The speed of attack and the depth of the French objectives meant that there was no time to establish artillery observation posts overlooking the Ailette valley, in the areas where French infantry had reached the ridge. Tunnels and caves under the ridge nullified much of the destructive effect of the French artillery, which was also hampered by poor visibility and by German air superiority, which made French artillery-observation aircraft even less effective.

The rear edge of the German battle zone along the ridge had been reinforced with machine-gun posts; the German divisional commanders chose to fight in the front line and few of the Eingreif divisions were needed to intervene in the battle in the first few days. In , Doughty quoted figures of , French casualties on the Aisne from 16—25 April, of whom 30, men were killed, , were wounded and 4, were taken prisoner, the casualty rate being the worst since November The advance of the Sixth Army was one of the largest made by a French army since trench warfare began.

After the substitution of limited objectives for more breakthrough attempts, a French attack on 4—5 May by two regiments, captured Craonne and took the edge of the Californie plateau but was not able to cross the Ailette river.

The Germans began a counter-offensive from Vauxaillon at the west end of the Chemin des Dames, to the Californie plateau between Hurtebise and Craonne, beyond the east end of the Chemin des Dames and against the Moronvilliers Heights east of Reims, which lasted throughout June. German attacks on 30—31 May prompted a French counter-attack on 18 June and another German attack on 21 June. The main German effort was made in the centre, with five attacks against the Californie plateau from 3—6 June, followed by another German attack on 17 June.

The capture of the Dragon's Cave marked the beginning of the Battle of the Observatories proper, which lasted all summer, as both sides fought for possession of the high ground on the Chemin des Dames.

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At Vauxaillon at the west end of the Chemin des Dames, German attacks took place on 20, 22 and 23 June with French counter-attacks on 21 and 24 June. By 26 August the French had captured 9, prisoners, thirty guns, trench mortars and machine-guns. Ludendorff wrote that the French army had "quickly overcome its depression".

Gas bombardments on low-lying land near the canal dispersed very slowly and became so dense that the carriage of ammunition and supplies to the front was made impossible. Eingreif divisions were distributed in battalions along the front line and caught in the French bombardments, where the infantry shelters had been identified by French air reconnaissance and systematically destroyed.

Zero hour had been set for 5: The French took 11, prisoners, guns and heavy mortars for losses of c. Since mid, the British had been covertly digging mines under the German positions on the ridge. The final objectives were largely gained before dark and British losses in the morning were light, although the planners had expected casualties of up to 50 percent in the initial attack.

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When the infantry advanced over the far edge of the ridge, German artillery and machine-guns on the valley floor had direct observation over the British, whose artillery was less able to provide covering fire. The next stage of the Allied strategy was an advance to Torhout — Couckelaere , to close the German-controlled railway running through Roulers and Thourout.

Further operations and a British supporting attack along the Belgian coast from Nieuwpoort, combined with an Operation Hush an amphibious landing, were then to reach Bruges and then the Dutch frontier. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Battle of Verdun and Battle of the Somme. Battle of Arras and Battle of Vimy Ridge. Second Battle of the Aisne. French infantry advance on the Chemin des Dames.

Battle of the Hills. Panorama showing the view from the Dragon's Cave.

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Battle of La Malmaison. Malmaison and the Laffaux Salient, Battle of Messines and Battle of Passchendaele. German trench destroyed by a mine explosion. World War I portal. Entwickelung der Taktik im Weltkrige [ Development of Tactics ] repr. Paths of Glory, The French Army — French Strategy and Operations in the Great War. The Belknap Press of Harvard University.

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Military Operations France and Belgium Messines and Third Ypres Passchendaele. Military Operations France and Belgium, A Brief History of the Great War. Retrieved 12 October Translated by Larned, J.