Morning after a hookup

If he wasn't interested, he wouldn't bother. Texting the morning after a hookup?

1 Major Turn OFF the Morning After You Hook Up

So me and this guy hooked up last night, He was drunk, lol, but it was awesome. He wanted to talk a lot, but he was also passionate, into making out and we also talked about all the places we want to hook up again. Well he texted me the next morning saying: I just want to know how common that is, and really if it means that he wants to keep hooking up which is what I want, or if he is just being nice.

The Top 6 Excuses Guys Use the Morning After Hooking Up with a One-Night Stand

Can a virgin girl cum? Is it bad that I lied to my doctor? Girls, how do you keep track of your period? How does porn affect relationships? Why is it common for guys to have dick sizes between 5 to 7 inches only? Why are bigger dicks or smaller dicks not so common? A lot of drunken hookups are just that and nothing more, but sometimes you do get lucky and get something more out of it once the sun rises and the hangover subsides.

Or a sign of complete desperation. I'm not disagreeing with roomwithaview, per se, because I think it's possible, but it's more likely that a drunken hookup is just that, a hookup. Luckily, in college and generally in your early 20s, you can make the mistake of hooking up and still make it into a good relationship because both parties don't know any better. Go for it, but don't be surprised if she isn't interested.

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College women, as I remember them, are far more into playing the field than in the past and therefore command a great deal of power. Well depending on the situation, "I hope you made it home okay" works very well. Or even the generic, "I had a great time last night with you and your friends" which in my opinion is less creepy and moves it away from the actual sex.

Unless you guys really, really clicked and if you are asking this question You'll see her again at a party, wait until that happens. The first hookup might be an accident but not the second one. Oh and I'm a huge foodie and love going out to eat but find that college girls are generally taken back or creeped out by dinner - as if it is some sort demarcation between being a hookup and casual friendship and serious dating. I have no idea where it comes from.

The Morning After: How to Leave a Hookup Gracefully

It is a real toss up and why I never liked college hookups. Some people are very cool and can be friends or whatever afterwards and some just want a human dildo and get very scared if the guy calls back. Text saying "That was fun, but please keep in mind I'm really gay.

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That happened to me several times, from girls and boys, so keep the meme going. And never trust a woman under Some possibilities based on my own experience: She's willing to continue for as long as her friend stays mad. She'll never know for sure why she did it, and neither will you.

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Take a chance - I think you should call her! I'm about to move in with a "drunken hookup" I met in college, who I now love very much. He and I are no longer in college and we have been in a serious relationship for nearly two years! If you like her, call with a plan to ask her if she'd like to meet you at the campus center for coffee -- or something similarly noncommittal.

Maybe there's a movie or cheap campus concert coming up that you could go to together? You can say "I had a really nice time, even though we were both pretty far gone. I'd love to get together sometime. And when you see her, go up and say hi and be nice. And I've had many "proper" dating situations meet through professional circles, exchange numbers, go to very nice restaurant, etc.

So, don't worry, sober up, text her something silly later today, and call her soon. Don't avoid her or hide from her. I had that happen to me in college, and it's shitty and embarassing for her and makes you into a clueless, immature asshole.

Just text her with a what's up and let it go from there. I'll definitely call her tonight Give her a call, and just be like -- heh, cool meeting you the other night, we're throwing a bash at 8 Thursday and you and your friends are welcome to show. Dont get too hung up on a drunk hookup. At a bar or a house party or whatever? Why would your friends say that? Is she known to do stuff like this? Gauage her interest on how she reacts when you talk to her, but don't look too much into it if she's a bit reticent girls will do that to feign their interest.

I shouldn't even be giving you advice, I'm too mad at girls right now!! Last year at college, I had a random drunken hookup in a similar situation you describe, only I also happened to be her boss and a senior while she was a freshman both in college. Turns out she thought I was just taking advantage of the situation ie, being a cool senior trying to get "fresh meat" and had I not talked to her about that night and that I really did like her, our awesome relationship would have never developed.

Call her, you have nothing to loose yo.

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My drunken hookup is out working on his car, while our children watch him and eat popsicles. Life's full of opportunities. Dude, if she doesn't remember, you're not anywhere further in her eyes than if it didn't happen. Which is fine -- if you want to hook up again, do it when you're both less drunk. That would really suck. Ask her out for coffee. If things go well, go for dinner and a movie as well. Then come back here and update the thread and let us know what happened!